Detroit Jazz Fest – day 4 (9/1/08) Labor Day

Maurice (taken by me.)

Maurice (taken by me.)

Day 4. One last quick note here about closing day at the Jazz Fest. It's around 3am. I'm packing up and getting ready for a morning flight home. [Or getting ready to embrace whatever adventures the airlines are planning for me this time, considering the convoluted journey here on Friday...] Final day held lots of music, and more variety than the last couple of days. World music, blues and gospel in the mix. Stayed out very late tonight with the closing act; the Dizzy Gillespie big band, they called it the "reunion" group with many past members of the group including James Moody, Antonio Hart, Slide Hampton, Roy Hargrove, Jimmy Heath, and lots of others. For a real treat Roberta Gamborini also joined the group and sang like crazy – she’s fantastic. Hot lineup, tight arrangements, and much fun!
Me (taken by Maurice.)

Me (taken by Maurice.)

The folks I've met here are really friendly, I've had some great, spontaneous conversations. Can't wait to keep in touch to share pictures and notes from the lectures later on.
Around 6 this evening I was standing outside one of the amphitheatres, holding my camera and waiting to get in, when a guy collecting bottles walked up and asked if I wanted him to take my picture. I said sure, but only if I could take his! He took a couple and I did too. He introduced himself as Maurice – sweet smile!

Heading home in the morning. With any luck.

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