playlists – whew!

All caught up now posting playlists now from the first year + of the show.

I’ve already had a few questions, more or less along the lines of “what’s up with all the music playlists Cheryl? Not the greatest reading for a blog.”. True. Pretty dry, I admit. Does depend a little on who you are though. Before I ever got a world music show of my own I was online looking through lists from other shows to check them out, see what people were in to, find out about new recordings. So there is that. Love to think someone else is doing the same thing by coming here, and getting some ideas for their show from the things I’ve played.

And then, you know, it’s also good for musicians and recording companies to find out who’s getting some spin (can we still say that in an mp3 world? I guess my lexicon is going to have to adapt…again!..). Radio playlists are still helpful for that and helping make the decision on who gets sent the next releases. Bottom line: it’s good for everyone for more music to be coming through the door! For as long as that’s a relevant consideration, anyway…before everything goes download and NOTHING ‘comes through the door’ anymore.

Most music is downloadable now of course, but for those of us who still like the tangible and ‘complete artistic vision’ linear aspect of whole recordings, the world is happily still somewhere near, but not quite yet at, that fork in the road where it’s one or the other. We can still enjoy both for now: clean, compact downloads AND nice, paper packets jammed with liner notes and artwork and bio info and band credits and all that juicy visceral stuff.

Finally, the radio playlists are just a start. I’ll post a new one each week from now on when I do the show. The rest of my generous 3G’s (!) from wordpress will be spent sharing more pix and thoughts from live events, music reviews, you name it. All of which – maybe – I hope – makes for better and more thoughtful reading than playlists. Got ideas? Leave me a comment, I’d always appreciate it. And thanks for stopping in!

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