poll, for what it’s worth

I’ll say up front that this will likely be of interest to only the most diehard of radio friends here…and even at that, only those who are really into stats and charts and demographics.


If that kind of thing does put the groove in your glide, I wanted to pass along the results of a recent readership poll conducted by the Adaptistration website. (Wait, back up: what is Adaptistration? Find out here.)

Anecdotal, yes, this is not a scientific poll. Remember when reading this that those being polled are already self-identified as readers of Adaptistration, a website aimed at managers in the performing arts field. In fact, this is how the introductory paragraph reads on the FIRST readership survey:

“Let me guess, you’re between 35-55 years old, male, Caucasian, do not have children, are well educated, are at the high end of the IRS 25% tax bracket, and reside in one of five states with the most electoral college delegates. At least that’s how the data from the 2009 Readership Segmentation Study describes the average Adaptistration reader…”

So, with that, for your passing perusal, here are the most recent results.

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