Africa, part 2

Sunday again. I’ve mentioned, Sundays are a listening day around here to catch up on tunes found and collected over the previous week. So much of what I find is the result of chance – catching a little piece of music here or there and following up to track it down and find out more about it. That’s how I came across an outstanding new release of remixes.

About a week ago, typical late weekday afternoon: I was sitting there in the Barn (VT offices of Cumbancha and Putumayo world music,) finishing up some database work, when I pulled the headphones off and found the whole loft filled with the sounds of Toubab Krewe, Nas, Afrissippi, and a lot of other artists, all in their own remixes of the catchy, driving Youssou N’Dour tune, “Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling)”.

Turns out it’s a new collection, only available via download, called “Open Remix“. As the header on the page says, “Download a song, open the future of a continent.” Not only is this a recording of some serious groove and musical merit on its own, it is a project that stands to make a real difference in accessible health care in Africa. It can be downloaded for free (single tunes, or the whole project) through a few different online distributors, with the hope that you’ll get the mission here and make a voluntary contribution to the non-profit organization sponsoring the project: IntraHealthOpen.

I made a contribution (and I hope you will too if you get the music), I downloaded the tunes, and I’m really excited to share ‘Open Remix’ with you tomorrow on the Radiator as part of “Africa, part 2” – the followup to last September’s popular “Africa” show. We’ll spend both hours immersed in the diverse sounds of Africa’s music, with this new mixup as the centerpiece.

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