community means all of us

Later this afternoon I’ll be heading over to the Radiator to do my show but I know many of you who listen regularly online won’t be able to catch it today. And you won’t be able to call me at the usual station number (861-9666; 861-WOMM), to find out what’s up with the stream.

The Radiator currently has no phone or internet service. I found this out when I came in to do my show last Monday.

As a community radio station we operate every day largely thanks to donated equipment, generous in-kind donations of supplies and labor, and a lot of dedicated, helpful volunteer support. That includes all of the folks you hear on the air: volunteers, each and every one of us who go on each week because we want to share our particular area of expertise and passion with the community: in Burlington, listening on 105.9, and in the WORLD community with our 24-hour online stream at

But there are some things like telecom bills that are non-negotiable cash transactions. For this kind of support, the Radiator receives individual contributions, and has several generous  underwriting partners. We need many more underwriting partners to continue to grow our business relationships in the community, and help offset the real costs of running a 24-hour radio station.

If your business would like to partner with the Radiator, it’s an easy arrangement and beneficial for both of us. For a nominal fee your messages will be shared on the air, reaching your target audience and bringing awareness to your business and services. Find out about Underwriting here.

You can choose to underwrite particular shows, or you can support the Radiator as a whole. As a business underwriter you’re joining with other respected partners in the community like Main Street Landing, Speaking Volumes, and the Discover Jazz Festival.

Individuals can also make contributions, any amount is gratefully accepted. When you contribute you’ll know you’re helping to pay for one of the things that makes Burlington such a special place to live: our own community radio station, featuring the voices and issues unique to this area!

It doesn’t take a lot for each of us to give a little to support the station. But it does take all of us doing what we can; that’s the spirit of community, and community radio.

More than anything else, radio is about communication. We need the phone and internet to keep up that dialogue. Please help if you can. Thanks!

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