québec city, day 2

Day two in Québec city, took a tour at the Citadel mid-afternoon – wow! What a concise history of the city that was. It’s a story pretty much broken up into three periods (as illustrated by one of the our tour guides, who held up a paper timeline even as the breeze at the top of the fortress threatened to rip it right from her hands and send it over the wall into the river on the other side…): French regime,  British rule, and then the current Canadian  period. Good to take the formal tour, as it affords inside tours to several museums that are not otherwise open to the public.

Taking an early evening break now before heading back to the lower village for live music at 9pm, in one of the only places to offer that on a Sunday night –  a place called Le Pape-Georges, in the historic Place Royale district.  It promises a night of blues (à la canadienne!) and bistro fare in an atmosphere wholly unique to the port area….rough-cut stone walls, cobblestone streets, and wrought iron lamplights softly lighting the rue.

Oh, Canada !

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