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Anat Cohen's "Noir"

Anat Cohen's "Noir"

Tel Aviv-born saxophonist, clarinetist and recording label founder Anat Cohen recommends that every performer take the opportunity to be the ‘sideman’ when possible, for the tremendous experience it offers. She’s out in front this Friday evening, as part of the double billing that opens this year’s Discover Jazz Festival.

This week on World of Music we’ll give a listen to two of her recordings: Noir, and Notes from the Village, along with previews of other Festival acts.  Also: jazz poetry featuring Jack Kerouac, Hayden Carruth, Langston Hughes, and Al Young’s poem “Lester Leaps In” – and, the usual juicy array of world music, classic and new! Listen to “World of Music” online (Mondays, 3-5pm EDT) or at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT.

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2 Responses to “preview – updated!”

  1. Parttimesaint Says:

    “Noir” is a great album…but…how about playing [at least some of the tracks from ] “Notes From The Village” given it’s closer what concertgoers are likely to be hearing….seeing as she’s appearing with a quartet?

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Hi – agreed, “Notes” would be a good one to play. I don’t happen to have it (that’s where “Noir” comes in – and, I like it) but I’ll see what I can do. Thanks! – C.

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