Two benefit events tonight; each very different from the other but both musical:

Joel Najman, MC of the event

Joel Najman, MC of the event

#1 – The annual car show with the Vermont Street Rodders at Libby’s Blue Line Diner in Colchester is also a benefit event for the local Ronald McDonald house, and a fun night outdoors with oldies rock-n-roll, a live band, and more cool cars in a single place than you’ll find in any Jan & Dean song. Free cake too, courtesy of the diner. I always look forward to that. It was my third year coming to the show. They raised over $1,000 for the House and eight proud rodders walked away with the show’s top prizes. Nice rides, all. (My pick of the lot: the sweet cherry Buick with the chrome grill, pictured top. Does it come with AC and a side-impact airbags? Only kidding.)

From there we moved on to…


#2 – Each November the Jeh Kulu West African dancers & drummers hold their annual festival, and tonight was the fundraiser for the festival. For four hours the barn at the Intervale featured live DJs and a band, along with the whole Jeh Kulu troupe in the kind of joyous performance that makes them one of the most popular local dance/drum groups in the region. In Vermont, barns are just as likely to house art exhibits and evening dances as they are livestock. This is how we celebrate summer and live up the longest night of the year – how do you do it? (The magic of the show was only matched by the firefly display in the darkened country fields on the way home. It is summertime. Happy solstice!)      2009-Jun20-JehKulu02



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