trading fours: as local as it gets

Another week passed by, with another fairly random stream of tunes running through it. You too?

This week might have been less random than some, mostly for lack of time to actively pick out an assortment of listening material.

Didn’t get to hear any live music this week either, though Peter Hedlund‘s nyckelharpa gig at the Black Door was a heartbreaker to have to miss on Thursday night. Could it be that as July ends, it takes with it the frenzy of early summer’s festivals, parades, and crazy-abundant live music? I hope not.

What the week did hold was a few recordings that floated my way related to an ongoing work project. And that’s where this week’s installment of “Trading Fours” comes in:

#1 – Robert Resnik & Marty Morrissey’s “Songs of Lake Champlain” – Newly written and traditional songs, including the “A to Zs” of the Lake; a catchy tune about lamprey, zebra mussels, and other invasive species; and, an ode to the last steamship, “Ticonderoga” (now dry-docked at the Shelburne Museum).

#2 – Deb Flanders’ “Mother Make My Bed” – Beautiful, traditional songs from the vast collection of Deb’s Great Aunt, Vermont song collector Helen Hartness Flanders.

#3 – Alan Greenleaf’s “Songs From Lost Mountain” – What happens when a farmer writes music? – Tunes and stories as rich and earthy as the land that inspires them. Poignant observations on gentrification, the great flood of 1927, and the snowy hills of a New England winter.

#4 – La Bottine Souriante’s “Anthologie II, 1976-2005” – Including tunes from the late ’70s when French-Canadian fiddler Lisa Ornstein was with the group (which is why I was listening to it – doing a little research on Lisa), this collection is a fullblown dancing, tempo-shifting great time from one of the best groups in the French-Canadian fiddle band tradition.

The offer stands for Trading Fours – send me your top four picks along with a quick explanation of the theme that holds them together, and I’ll post them here. Pass on the tradition of learning about music from friend.

Cheers to Friday night – and the weekend!

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