bread & puppet theatre

Bread & Puppet

Bread & Puppet

Two visits to Bread and Puppet Theatre in one summer, I must be living right.

The last time was in late June on the day of their season-starting open house.

That day the performances began outside in the meadow, and then a procession of musicians, actors and puppets led everyone into the barn – I mean, the Papier-mâché Cathedral – for the afternoon’s show. They performed a number of great skits including one of their traditional pieces, the longer drama of the Warrior and the Red King.

This past Sunday’s visit was completely different.

For one thing, there were MANY more visitors this time. And the pouring rain made the weekly parade and pageant prohibitive so the only activities that day were the indoor shows. On the positive side (not that the rain was a negative thing, it just meant missing out on the parade), so many people had come to see it that they decided to have two shows that day. Both were based on funny, often political ideas around  “money”, this season’s overriding theme.

It couldn’t have been better (or funnier), from the giant headless “Wallstreet Executives” on stilts who opened the show to the exuberant “Yes We Can-Can” Uncle Sam dancers, to the joyous, spirited Dixieland-style band who kept things moving along throughout and inbetween the skits.

Don’t miss it. The regular Bread and Puppet season runs through the end of this month with various performances on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Read the “Cheap Art” manifesto, take a look at the pictures (creativity has full expression here) and when you’ve seen the show take a moment to stop in upstairs and try the loaded garlic bread samples.

It’s a complete experience.


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