RadiatorLogoI thought I had Labor Day planned out perfectly: off work in the early afternoon, a couple of hours at the Champlain Valley Fair, and then on to the Radiator in the late afternoon to do the weekly show.

Everything was working just great, I even had a little extra time after hitting the maple sugar shack at the Fair to walk around for a bit with a delicious triple-stacked maple creemee.

Then it was time to go, with just enough time to get downtown to the station and start the show. That’s when I arrived at the parking field to find a whole row of cars lined up in front of the row where we parked – which already had a row of cars behind! Selfish! These folks arrived after my row had parked, blocking in everyone in the middle row, including my car.

Finding a parking attendant took another 15 minutes, and they said a tow truck could be there in about 20. That’s when I knew I just needed to let go of the plan to start the show on time at 3.

By the time the BIG FAT JERK who blocked in my car arrived to move his, I was  running so late and I was aggravated enough that it seemed pointless to even try to get to the station to do the show.

Turned out the car belonged to the BFJ’s wife, “Vina” – and included an advertisement on the back, with the phone number for her business. My smart husband thought to call that number, and he was able to reach her inside the Fair. She said she’d send her husband (the BFJ) out to move it. When the BFJ sauntered up around 15 minutes later, he offered NO apology and NO “thank you” to us for calling, and saving him an $80 ticket and the inconvenience of a towed vehicle. Nothing.

The only thing he did say was directed at the parking attendant, who by that time had arrived to oversee the impending towing operation. The BFJ’s question? “Well, can I park over there?”, as he pointed to another spot at the end of the row, where he would have blocked in ANOTHER vehicle. Happily, the attendant’s incredulous answer was “no!”


So here’s what we’re going to do with the “Fun in the Sun”, summer-ending program planned for yesterday’s World of Music. We’re going to save it for air on Monday the 21st – the last official full day of summer, since the autumnal equinox occurs the next day. Same idea: reggae, zouk, cajun and salsa sounds to send off the summer with a world dance party.

For next week’s show I’m cooking up the third installment of our occasional “Under the Covers” series, featuring all world music cover tunes. Details coming. (World of Music is on Mondays from 3-5pm at the Radiator. Usually.)

‘Til then – watch out for a late model red metallic Jeep Cherokee with a clueless BFJ behind the wheel. He’s looking to save himself a few steps with convenient parking and isn’t too concerned about doing it considerately.

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