face the canvas

"Face the Canvas" - palettes

"Face the Canvas" - palettes

Early autumn, roadside farm, box of palettes and brushes…and a bunch of people ready to make the best possible use of the fading afternoon light.

“Face the Canvas” was the latest event in Starksboro’s ongoing Art and Soul program, a community engagement project sponsored by the Orton Foundation and the Vermont Land Trust. The purpose? Using art to give people who live together a common means of expression. Visual art is one component of it, so is music and storytelling. And it’s fun.

We all met with the “Canvas” project coordinator, Jim Geier, amid the piles of pumpkins and fading gardens at Starksboro’s Lewis Creek Farm around 6 on Thursday evening and got to painting. Landscapes, farm equipment, farm stand vegetables, everyone found something to work on.

More important than the paintings themselves, the event brought together younger folks and older ones, students and seniors and all ages inbetween for a single, focused, community-oriented purpose.

Later this fall as “Art and Soul” winds down, when we all gather again for music (Nov. 1st) and a barn dance (Nov 6th) chances are good thanks to earlier events that many of the faces will already be familiar.

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