political leaf-peeping

Beautiful autumn Sunday, what to do? …Take lots of foliage pictures? …Find a fun way to spend the day? …Enjoy the sunshine?

Yes, all of that. Bread and Puppet Theatre‘s season finale show happened (somewhat) outside yesterday under a bright blue sky and a canopy of colored leaves at home camp in Glover. The rest took place in the Papier MachĂ© Cathedral, under the direction and narration of founder Peter Schumann (fully in character dressed as a lumpy, loud Santa Claus with a red pinch-on clown nose).

Just another day at Bread and Puppet.

The outdoor Dirt Cheap Money Circus was a truncated version of the show that played each weekend this summer in the Cathedral. The show in the Cathedral yesterday was a preview of next season’s earthy production, Tear Open the Door of Heaven.

Indoors and out, the fresh sourdough rye bread was plentiful, slathered in garlic-chunk olive oil and herbs, served in bite-sized chunks and completely delicious.

I’ve had a taste of next year’s show now, but you can bet I’ll be back for the full treatment when summer solstice comes around again. Until then I’ll have to hope Bread and Puppet turns up for First Night celebrations in Montpelier, or at one of the other local parades beween now and next summer.

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