down with the flu blues

1918 Flu Virus-CDC-Cynthia Goldsmith

(1918 flu virus, magnified approx. 100,000 times - photo by Cyntha Goldsmith courtesy of the CDC)

Sick of being sick? Sick of worrying about getting sick?

I’m with you. Am I ever. This week’s World of Music is the annual “Flu Season” Special – songs of commiseration and consolation, with a little self pity and a lot of outright outrage mixed in for good measure.

We’ll pick up a nasty case of La Grippe from the Squirrel Nut Zippers, hear bluesman Robert Cray in a shaking, quaking version of the classic I Shiver, and check in with Big Joe Tex coughing up a rude, bluesy Pneumonia. All of that and a lot of energetic world tunes to keep you moving so fast you just might outrun that virus.

World of Music is a feverish blend of blues, jazz, poetry, and world music every Monday on the Radiator, 3-5pm ET. Online, or at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT.

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