este mundo (this world)

Rupa-Este MundoImmigration, health care access, bad airline experiences…any one of these could be an NPR story (these same issues have made for many NPR stories, come to think of it) but these topics are also a broad sampling of the issues addressed in the music of Rupa and the April Fishes.

What else would you expect from a band whose front woman spends the non-touring half of the year as a doctor at San Francisco General? True story. And what a source of inspiration it proves to be.

The music’s diversity goes beyond its topicality. The songs are sung in French,  English, and Spanish, and the resulting mix is whimsical, ‘gypsy’, cabaret, poignant, and 100% original.

The last time Rupa and the April Fishes visited Burlington it was shortly after the release of extraordinary rendition, their debut release on the Charlotte, VT-based Cumbancha Records.

And so it is this time. Their second recording (Este Mundo) is less than two weeks old and  tonight you can seem them in a special one-night only show at Parima Thai Restaurant. It’s expected to be standing room only. You’ll find once they start playing you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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