national didgeridoo day

Didge wizard Pitz Quattrone


It’s a fact, and one of many interesting ones about the native Australian instrument: the didgeridoo got its name from European settlers who heard it and decided the deep droning tones it made sounded like “didgeridoo didgeridoo didgeridoo….“.

Indigenous Aboroginal cultures know the 1,500+-year old instrument by its traditional name, the Yidaki.

This week World of Music welcomes local didgeridoo expert Pitz Quattrone to the show, we’ll play a little – learn a little – and find out why Vermont is the epicenter for National Didgeridoo Day (coming up this Wednesday, the 25th).

With live didgeridoo and a lot of other music from the South Pacific (Oceania, New Caledonia, New Zealand…) World of Music is a buzzing blend of blues, jazz, poetry, and world music every Monday on the Radiator, 3-5pm ET. Online, or at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT.

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