year-end review

Argentina's Chango Spasiuk (photo by Henryk Kotowski)

In the 4pm hour of this week’s show, World of Music offers a year-end showcase featuring some of the year’s best releases.

Consider it a preview, actually. It’s been another big year for world music and one show wouldn’t be enough to even touch the surface of all the 2009 recordings. We’ll be doing more of the same for the next few shows leading up to the New Year.

Highlights: Cuban Latin Grammy winner Omara Portuondo’s beautiful new collection, Gracias; the latest – Seya – from Malian Grammy nominee Oumou Sangare; and recent releases from Puerto Rican trombonist/bandleader Willie Colón, Indian superstar Kailash Kher, and Argentinian accordionist Chango Spasiuk. It’s going to be a wild ride.

World of Music is a swingin’ year-end mix of blues, jazz, poetry, and world music every Monday from 3-5pm ET on the Radiator. You can join the fun online or at 105.9FM if you’re listening in Burlington, VT.

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