what to do?

It’s another week of hard choices. Two cool events in two different towns, on one night. The same night.

Pick either one, you can’t go wrong this Friday night:

If it was a movie pitch, it would be something like “Serbia meets Turkey meets Transylvania meets wacky virtuosic cool  in the must-see Gypsy show of the year!” But it’s not a movie, it’s the Fishtank Ensemble, and they’re coming to shake the rafters at Middlebury’s Town Hall Theatre. The Ensemble’s new recording is out soon, but even if they just stick with the  funky mix on their previous Samurai Over Serbia release I’ll be happy. Ohhhh yeah, there will be some dancing going on.

Montpelier’s Black Door Bar & Bistro hosts the PoJazz (poetry + jazz) CD release party project, bringing together some of Vermont’s top poets and jazz musicians in spontaneous explorations of words and music. The project comes full circle with the release party, since the Black Door’s upstairs lounge is where the 2-CD set (“Last Days: Live at the Black Door”) was recorded in live performances over the last year and a half or so. This Friday night’s party features pianist Tom Cleary along with many other musicians and poets including Tony Whedon, Geof Hewitt, Dave Cavanaugh, and David Budbill. PoJazz is a very hip project, in the spirit of the classic Kerouac or Mingus/Langston Hughes collaborations. If you can’t get to the release party I do recommend finding a copy of PoJazz for (repeated) home listening, it’s a real joy to hear such creative inspiration realized in these fun and funky partnerships.

Two irresistable events, one night – where will you be?

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