my blood – how to help in haiti

The only good news coming out of Haiti today is that international relief is beginning to arrive in the wake of Tuesday’s devastating 7.0 earthquake.  With the initial, critical 24-hour rescue window having passed now there is increasingly little hope that more survivors will be found and rescued from the complete and widespread wreckage.

There are ways to help. A little goes a long way in Haiti, which was the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere even before the earthquake struck. NPR’s resource page is a good place to start for safe assistance options, and Haitian musician Wyclef Jean has also launched an earthquake relief website. Just a reminder NOT to respond to e-mails you may receive soliciting donations – it seems like the right thing to do, and it IS the right thing to do if you can, but please do it the right way for the sake of yourself and those who need your help.

I’m reminded of My Blood – the great song that opens the Neville Brothers’ Yellow Moon album:  “That’s my blood down there – Jah, turn your head to Haiti – please keep the people strong. Jah, please go down to Haiti – hear my Brothers’ freedom song. That’s my blood down there, oh, on the island, that’s my blood down there…”

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