black and green

I’ve been fortunate to see, hear, and participate in some really interesting and creative things over the last few days including an ‘extended technique’ workshop and concert with the Bowed Piano Ensemble, and a pinhole photography class. Both arts depend on a certain amount of randomness and chance, combined with a a considerable element of experience and preparation.

In the spirit of adventure and happy accidents, the theme for this week ‘s World of Music is “Black and Green”. All of the recordings selected for this week’s program are either green or black, or both. That’s it. There is a good sampling across musical genres and geographical distribution but the overriding consideration for inclusion is the color of the CD jacket.

With that, we’ll visit Cameroon via Baka Beyond (green); hear from Australia’s Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu (black); and experience the light sambas of Caetano Veloso’s Tropicalia 2 (green and black).

Why not.

World of Music is a colorful miasma of blues (and blacks and greens), poetry, jazz, and world music every Monday from 3-5pm ET on the Radiator. Online, or at 105.9FM if you’re listening in Burlington, VT.

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