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memorial day

May 31, 2010

World of Music is taking a little spring break this week, spending the afternoon reflecting on Memorial Day and enjoying the great weather.

Next week at the usual time (Monday, 3-5pm) I hope you’ll tune in to The Radiator and check out the live stream of JazzLab, it’s the station’s third year broadcasting live from the Firehouse Gallery on Church Street during Burlington’s Discover Jazz Festival.

This year the premise is a little different. Rather than featuring DJs on hand doing their thing live with visiting musicians, as has been the scenario in previous years, this time around three bands who competed to win the privilege of receiving a live recording session will be broadcast live over the air as the recording process is underway.  Parker Shper, James Harvey, and the Villanelles will all be featured with their groups on consecutive days; Monday June 7th, Tuesday the 8th, and Wednesday the 9th.

Keep an eye out here for more updates about all things Discover Jazz Fest, 2010 – we’re just days away now!

the new old place

May 30, 2010

Jeremy Hill

Destination: Monty’s Old Brick Tavern in Williston

Purpose: Check out the place under its new ownership and enjoy a sweet Sunday afternoon of music with Ray Vega (trumpet/fluglehorn), Jeremy Hill (bass) and Joe Capps (guitar).

Monty’s reopened as Monty’s around a year ago, after two or so years being run as the breakfast-and-lunch only “Old Brick Café”. A couple of unremarkable experiences there under its former name were enough to keep me away for a while, and I hadn’t made it back in there until today. Glad I did.

It was a little on the early side for dinner, so a glass of Malbec and a couple of selections from the $3 appetizer menu just hit the spot. The mini flatbread was deliciously crisp and melty and very hot when delivered, while the hummus plate offered a generous selection of raw vegetables, perfectly firm kalamata olives, and pita corners. The rounded scoop of hummus in the middle of the plate had good flavor though it was crumbly and served fridge-cold. OK, not great. However, as a BIG contrast to previous experiences there, the service was timely, attentive, and very pleasant.

Musically, too, Monty’s has come into its own in supporting local music including the Sunday afternoon jazz series. Today’s lineup was Ray Vega (trumpet/fluglehorn), Joe Capps, guitar, and bassist Jeremy Hill. They swung through classics including Bye Bye Blackbird, and Things Ain’t What They Used To Be in a leisurely first set that made a lovely accompaniment to the incoming fading sunlight from late afternoon into early evening.

These are all players you’ll have a chance to see again (in different ensemble pairings) over the next couple of weeks as the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival gets into full swing downtown. Look for them, you’ll love the music. And when you’re ready to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon of music and good food, I recommend taking a little drive outside of Burlington (maybe on a Sunday afternoon?) and visiting Monty’s.

feeling uninspired?

May 25, 2010

Staff Benda Bilili are a band of paraplegic musicians who were discovered playing on the streets of Kinshasa in 2004. Last year their first recording was released, and now the documentary about them has been the source of the biggest buzz generated at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Read their story.

Listen to – and WATCH – their music. And next time you’re feeling down, think about the uncrushable optimism of Staff Benda Bilili.

playlist #116 (5/24/10)-africa, pt. 3

May 24, 2010
World of Music
Pgm #116 – The latest installment in our occasional series exploring the multitude of sounds from Africa
Catch the show on Mondays 3-5pm EDT – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
African Vision: Africa / African Vision / Ethno World Music 4008 – (WORLD FUSION)
Baloji: Tout Ceci Ne Vous Rendra Pas Le Congo / Kinshasa Succursale / EMI 68613 – (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO)
Mahotella Queens: Mbube (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) / Sound Offerings from South Africa, vol. 2 / Gallo Record Company 632 – (SOUTH AFRICA)
Atongo Zimba: Guuse, en sugro / Barefoot In The Sand / Hippo Records 1055 – (GHANA)
The Anambra Beats: Ayamma / Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds and Nigerian Blues / Soundway 9 – (NIGERIA)
Trio Tambours: Oust / Port du Capricorne / (demo) – (LA RÉUNION)
Chiwoniso: Karima (Planting) / Rebel Woman / Cumbancha 8 – (ZIMBABWE)
Victor Démé: Deni Mouke Ila / Victor Démé / Chapa Blues 2008 – (BURKINA FASO)
Bako Dagnon: Bélébélé / Titati / Discograph 6099245 – (MALI)
The LA Drivers Union Por Por Group: Por Por Akwaaba (Welcome) / Por Por Honk Horn Music from Ghana / Smithsonian Folkways 40531 – (GHANA)
(Four Shi musicians from the Bantu Tribe in Congo): Uni Urmi / Music of the Shi People / Alula Origins 5008 – (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO)
Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars: Watching All Your Ways / Rise & Shine / Cumbancha 18 – (SIERRA LEONE) *NEW*
Master Drummers of Africa: Imichingo (Dust Devil) / Master Drummers of Africa, vol. 2: Ubuntu / Arc Music 2280 – (TANZANIA, GHANA, etc.) *NEW*
Maria de Barros: Funana Ca Tem Frontera / Morabeza / Sheer Group 2009 – (CAPE VERDE)
Lulendo: Angola / Angola / Buda Musique 2005 – (ANGOLA)
Ba Cissoko featuring Tiken Jah Fakoly: Africa / Electric Griot Land / 3D Family Music 2005 – (MALI)
Tarika: Koba / Rough Guide to the Indian Ocean / Rough Guide 1086 – (MADAGASCAR)
Ghorwane: Mayvavo / Mozambique Relief / Naxos World 76019 – (MOZAMBIQUE)
Manou Gallo: Chanter L’Amour (Love Song) / Manou Gallo / Zig Zag World 1 – (IVORY COAST)
Papa Wemba: Esclave (Slave) / Molokai / Real World 2373 – (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO)
Issa Bagayogo: Touba / Tassoumakan / Six Degrees 6570361103 – (MALI)
Terakaft: Arghane Manine / Akh Issudar / World Village 468084 – (MALI) *(written by Ibrahim Ag Alhabib, lead singer from Tinariwen)
Habib Koité: Africa / Afriki / Cumbancha 5 – (MALI)
Dobet Gnahoré: Têlo Dé / Na Afriki (My Africa) / Cumbancha 4 – (IVORY COAST)
Orchestra Baobab: Papa Ndiaye / Made in Dakar / World Circuit 433788 – (SENEGAL)
The Waves Band: Angba Langar / Only A Dream / Kelele Records / 31004 – (SEYSCHELLES ISLANDS)

na afriki (my africa)

May 23, 2010

Africa: a continent of 54 countries with more than a billion people speaking a thousand separate languages, and over 150 native dialects.

It follows that the music would be just as diverse and eclectic.

This week’s World of Music treks across the second largest continent on the globe, in our third dedicated exploration of the sounds of Africa including Zimbabwe’s Chiwoniso, South Africa’s Mahotella Queens, the griot families of Mali, and the cross-pollinated Afro-Latin rhythms of West Africa. We’ll also make stops in Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Ghana, La Reunion, and the Seyschelles Islands.

World of Music is a pan-dynamic diaspora of blues, poetry, jazz, and world music every Monday from 3-5pm ET on the Radiator. Online, or at 105.9FM if you’re listening in Burlington, VT.

the blackfly festival

May 22, 2010


The little biting/slashing harbingers of summer that make outdoor experiences a real challenge at this time of the year. They eventually go away, followed by a briefly magical interlude with the fireflies of late June, and then we’re into mosquito season for the duration of the next two months or so.

So why not embrace the year’s first flying pests, instead of wasting all that energy fighting them? That’s where the annual Adamant Blackfly Parade marches in. There’s a blackfly pie contest, a construction table to make your own pipecleaner and netting fly puppet, lots of music, and the much-anticipated parade.

Adamant’s resident didgeridoo master Pitz Quattrone led the pre-parade musical warmup with his Earthman Band, and then he led the parade itself as it noisily wound down the hill from the Community Hall to the Co-Op with antique cars, banners, floats, the Adamant Marching Band and the East Montpelier firetruck. I even made a blackfly mask for the occasion, since my role in these things is usually little more than lurking and taking photos. I wanted to blend in a little better this time. Not sure how well it worked (how do you ‘blend in’ with a giant paper blackfly strapped to your face?) but it sure was fun trying.

It was a perfect day, starting out overcast in the 70s and warming up to around 80 once the sun came out. (By that time I was ready to jump in the deep, inviting waters of the pond in the center of town.) And, the blackflies showed up right on cue around midday. I didn’t see a single person swatting at them.

Sumer Is A-Cumin’ In, indeed!

the critic

May 19, 2010

What’s that you say? It’s been a while since you saw Mel Brooks’ “The Critic”?

Oh, wait, I misunderstood – you’ NEVER seen “The Critic”?

It’s time.

hank jones

May 17, 2010

Hank Jones died yesterday in New York at 91 after a brief illness. He lived a long, creative life and played music up until the very end. May we all be so fortunate, and have that much to give to the world in our lifetimes!

playlist #115 (5/17/10)-at home in the world

May 17, 2010
World of Music
Pgm #115 – At home in the world – and vice-versa.
Catch the show on Mondays 3-5pm EDT – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
Señor Coconut: Beat It / Fiesta Songs / Nacional Records 54212 – (CHILE)
Mo’ Horizons: Hit the Road Jack (Pé na éstrada) / Brazil Remixed / Groove Gravy 1102 – (BRAZIL)
Paname Dandies: Tout est Calme / Le Swing de L’Escargot / Volvox 703 – (FRANCE)
Lucrecia: Quizás, Quizás, Quizás (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps) / Álbum de Cuba / Warner Music Latina 521459 – (CUBA)
Jim Stout (Queen City Hot Club): Swing Gitan / (demo) – (MADE IN VT)
Jose Conde y Ola Fresca: Pititi y Titi / Revolucion / Mr. Bongo 54 – (NY, USA)
Karima Skalli: Habbînâ (In Love We Are) / Wasla / Moucharabieh 321077 – (MOROCCO)
Lokua Kanza: On Veut du Soleil (One Wants the Sun) / Nikolo / World Village 479043 – (BRAZIL) *NEW – released 5/11/2010*
Cairo Sound Clash: Chiftidelic / Cairo Sound Clash / 2009 – (ST. LOUIS, MO., USA)
La Caravane Passe: Karmen / Velkom Plèchti / Me & My Music 2006 – (HOLLAND)
Célia Mara featuring Amparo: Matriaméricas / Santa Rebeldia / Globalista 8 – (BRAZIL)
Bobby Valentin: Bad Breath / Bad Breath / Fania 77330344 – (PUERTO RICO)
Cesaria Evora: Sangue de Beirona / The Very Best of Cesaria Evora / Bluebird 63984 – (CAPE VERDE)
Rachid Taha: Ah Mon Amour / Diwan 2 / Barclay 9843375 – (ALGERIA)
Zafa: Tariki / Israel / Putumayo 268 – (ISRAEL)
Tinariwen: Nar Djenetbouba / The Radio Tisdas Sessions / Wrasse Records 130 – (MALI)
Mdungu: Afro What!? / Afro What!? / Zimbraz  3035 – (HOLLAND)
Claudia: Salve, Rainha / Black Rio 2 / Strut 45 – (BRAZIL)
La Otrabanda: Intro-Indigenas / Pueblo Vivo / Sanjonero Records 2004 – (VENEZUELA / WISCONSIN, USA)
Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze: Badingwoo / Sira / Obliq Sound 106 – (MALI / GERMANY)
Solas: The Maid on the Shore / Celtic Tides / Putumayo 141 – (USA)
Cacique ’97: Eu Quero Tudo / Cacique ’97 / Footmovin’ Records 20 – (PORTUGAL)
Ilhan Ersahin featuring Erik Truffaz: Bosphorous / Ilhan Ersahin’s Istanbul Sessions with Erik Truffaz / Nublu Records 23 – (TURKEY)
Umalali: Fuleisei (Favors) / The Garifuna Women’s Project / Cumbancha 6 – (GUATEMALA)
Kristi Stassinopoulou: Strong Winds Blockade / The Secrets of the Rocks / Tinder Records 861142 – (GREECE)
Guagua: Subterranean Subterfuge / Tres / 2010 – (MADE IN VT) *NEW*

from all over

May 16, 2010

Sometimes the most exotic things are right in your own back yard. This week on World of Music we’ll hear a hot salsa band from Wisconsin, an exotic Middle Eastern-flavored electronica group from Missouri, and gypsy jazz from right here in Vermont.

We’ll also broaden the scope to encompass a bit of the wider world with music from Haiti, Algeria, Cuba, Holland, and Cape Verde.

World of Music is a homegrown mix of blues, poetry, jazz, and world music every Monday from 3-5pm ET on the Radiator. Online, or at 105.9FM if you’re listening in Burlington, VT.

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