na afriki (my africa)

Africa: a continent of 54 countries with more than a billion people speaking a thousand separate languages, and over 150 native dialects.

It follows that the music would be just as diverse and eclectic.

This week’s World of Music treks across the second largest continent on the globe, in our third dedicated exploration of the sounds of Africa including Zimbabwe’s Chiwoniso, South Africa’s Mahotella Queens, the griot families of Mali, and the cross-pollinated Afro-Latin rhythms of West Africa. We’ll also make stops in Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Ghana, La Reunion, and the Seyschelles Islands.

World of Music is a pan-dynamic diaspora of blues, poetry, jazz, and world music every Monday from 3-5pm ET on the Radiator. Online, or at 105.9FM if you’re listening in Burlington, VT.

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