the other festival

There’s the Jazz Festival, and then there’s the … “Other” Festival, a nightly showcase featuring some of the area’s top avant-garde artists. Here’s the schedule, more to come later in the week when I’ve had a chance to attend some of their sessions:


North End Studio
294 North Winooski Ave.
Burlington VT 05401
(802) 863-6713

Tuesday, June 8th
The Le Duo
Ryan Power
Derek Beckvold/Bob Jordan/Anthony Coleman
Paper Castles
Ethan Snyder/Aaron Burnette/Casimir Liberski

Wednesday, June 9th
Mohanty/Mallon Duet
Toilet Phone
Chambers w/ Anthony Coleman
Steve Goldberg/R. Bill Gangon
Dr. Thing: Bass: Santor/Kovac/Hanes vs. Sax: Allen/Beckvold/Mohanty
Jazz Rehab (Reunion!)

Thursday, June 10th
Jonny T and the Raccoonists
Elbow Room
Anthony Coleman/Ashly Paul
Michael Gardiner/Derek Beckvold/Peter Negroponte
Xander Naylor/Ian Kovac
Zach Cooper/Chris Madden/Vic Dimotsis

Friday, June 11th
Katarina Miljkovic
Greg Davis
ASTER: Eli Keszler/Ashley Paul
Ensemble V
A Snake In The Garden
Toby Aronson
Lawrence Welks & Our Bear To Cross

Saturday, June 12th
Buzz Jar
Xander Naylor Trio
Full Tang
The Feverbreakers


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