discover jazz – day 6

Wednesday was a mellow music day for me. Worked, then headed downtown later in the afternoon for a stop at the Firehouse Gallery for Seven Days’ second “Cooler” event. It featured the Villanelles, which had been part of JazzLab earlier in the day. Really nice vibe with that group.

A longer stroll up Church Street proved to be its own Burlington-style “Strolling of the Heifers” event, a tradition at this time of the year (though, usually in Brattleboro.) What’s up with all the colorful cows over the marketplace?

They’re hanging out in their fiberglass glory for the Cows Come Home To Burlington public art project. In a couple of months the beautiful bovines will be auctioned with partial proceeds benefiting the Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger.

I’m OK with cows. In fact there’s even a relevant Jazz Festival connection to be made here, with Sonny “I’m an Old Cowhand” Rollins in town for tomorrow night’s concert at the Flynn.

It kind of all comes together at this time of the year, as most of the students clear out for the season and downtown is overrun by an eclectic population of a few students with visiting boaters, tourists, and the natives. This year’s walking mall experience simply includes a few more of the four-legged, uddered variety.

Here are a few pics, enjoy! And get out to see them in person if at all possible, they are so artful.


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