r.i.p. daniel schorr

Late this afternoon the world found out that Daniel Schorr had died: 93 years old, with over 60 of those years spent as a journalist. I’ll leave the comprehensive, newsy remembrances for those better equipped to write them than I. (Like, NPR’s tribute.)

Instead I’d like to honor Schorr’s legacy in the best way I know how. With music. Here’s Diane Reeves, from the Good Night and Good Luck trailer – a great film about Edward R. Murrow, who recruited Daniel Schorr in 1953 to become one of the original members of the now-legendary CBS TV news team.

Thank you Daniel for your unwavering integrity, your fearlessness in shining the light under the carpet, even when that dedication meant landing on the Presidential “enemies of the state” list – and for establishing a new standard for respect, both personal and professional.

Good night, friend, and…good luck.

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