in autumn

Vermont autumns are a colorful symphony of overflowing farmer’s markets, busy roadside general stores (every little town seems to have one) and the last of the outdoor music before the season knuckles down for real and frigid winds drive even the most resolute folks inside.

It goes beyond the classically quaint red maple/white steeple charm of every New England calendar you’ve ever seen. It’s a feeling. It’s everywhere. And it’s joyous on the wholly visceral level of warm pumpkin pie, woodsmoke in the evening air, and waterfalls of golden leaves falling on your shoulders during a walk in the woods.

Recent roadtrips recently have included visits to the thriving Montpelier farmer’s market (Saturdays summer through October), the Stowe Farmer’s market (mid-May through mid-October), and the historic, always entertaining general store/café in Rochester (where Robert Frost famously frequented the soda fountain in the summer heat).

I’ve heard everything from Celtic harp and flute duets to edgy Americana bluegrass played by local groups whose livelihood is closely tied to the farmer’s market culture here. While the markets are certainly about fresh, locally-cultivated fruits and vegetables they’re also about local art and friends and neighbors getting together once a week just for fun.

Enjoy all that the season has to offer, and do tell me about your favorite fall places to visit.

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