dailey & vincent

Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent


I’ve been to many shows at Burlington’s Flynn Theatre but few as purely entertaining as the one this week.

Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent brought their bluegrass sextet to the Flynn stage on Tuesday night in a tight 90-minute set that included gospel, Americana, and originals delivered with some of the best 4-part harmony I have ever heard. It was a profoundly virtuosic display wrapped up in equal parts camaraderie, showmanship, and pure spunk.

Sure, the hokey humor (bald jokes, short jokes – mostly at the expense of Vincent) wore a bit thin, threadbare seatcovers somewhat out of place in an otherwise leather package Cadillac. Even the band seemed uncomfortably stretched to make it work. It’s a style, I know – I grew up watching Hee Haw and the Grand Ole Opry. I get that. But I can also tell you that the cornball humor is the very least of the reasons Dailey and Vincent are three-time winners of the Entertainment of the Year award from the IBMA.

These folks can play.

The band is Dailey (guitar/bass), Vincent (mandolin/bass/guitar), Jeff Parker (mandolin/guitar), Joe Dean (banjo), Jesse Stockman (fiddle), and Christian Davis (DEEP bass vocals & guitar). They all sing – very, very well. They engage directly, periodically stepping out in front of the stage on a small riser to play in more intimate duo or quartet groupings. They walk out into the audience (you know that’s always a hit) and generally seem to be having a great time with the whole show. It’s easy to overlook the clunky humor and persistent Cracker Barrel sponsorship mentions in the presence of such outstanding musicianship. Dailey and Vincent are on tour now in support of their new Statler Brothers tribute album.

If I didn’t already have plans for this evening, I would be making the trip to Woodstock to see them again in tonight’s show as part of the Upper Valley Bluegrass Festival at the Town Hall Theater.

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2 Responses to “dailey & vincent”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Enjoyed your review of the concert. Glad they got to come up your way (I live in the south and get to see them quite frequently…so I’m glad they’re traveling around a bit!!!).

    I disagree with your comments about their humor… while yes some of it is a little rehearsed, have you met these guys??? They are hilarious… try spending time with them at the record table! They absolutely crack me up!

    And we’re thankful for that Cracker Barrel sponsorship… I can handle several references to the restaurant onstage during the show when I know that CB is giving them national attention and attracting new fans to the music.

    Great review…sounds like you had a great time!

  2. Cheryl Says:

    Hello Amanda, thanks for your thoughts. We were also very happy Dailey and Vincent made it here! Been wanting to see them for a long time. I hope they enjoyed the warm reception here in VT and plan on coming again (and again, and again). Nice you can see them more frequently. About the humor, no, I haven’t met them. I guess that’s the point. Like most of the audience I have to accept the performance at face value, without the benefit of other context. I’m sure they’re spontaneously funny in person, but that didn’t come across much with the put-on jokes they brought to the stage. It didn’t really matter, I hope I made that clear- the good time they were having WAS clearly genuine, and their supreme musicianship was absolutely captivating.

    You mentioned “we’re” grateful for the Cracker Barrel sponsorship – are you involved with representing or promoting the group? Of course we can all be grateful for the sponsors that make music possible in our world, it would never happen without them. It’s just the first time I’ve been to an indoor concert where a sponsor name was used repeatedly throughout the show. There are different ways of acknowledging sponsorships, if this were NASCAR Dailey and Vincent would be performing in uniforms plastered with logos…intrusiveness is just a matter of perspective I suppose. Best, – Cheryl

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