radio africa

I received a press release today about the first 24-hour live African radio station now available in North America, from any mobile phone…

(Dec 8, 2010, Washington DC.) WOAU, Radio Africa, has become the first 24-hour live African radio station to provide mobile streaming to any mobile device for their station’s Swahili news and music broadcasts. Listeners can hear Radio Africa live by dialing 1. 712.432.6627 at any time from any phone.

“Radio Africa partnered with AudioNow because our station is seeking to broaden our audience in N. America.” says Theo Pratt Jr., Programming Director for Radio Africa. “We are excited to see how our partnership with AudioNow will allow more listeners to hear our station wherever they are.”

“Listening to radio should be as simple as pressing a speed dial button for the more than 80% of the market that do not access data services on their phones,” says Marcel Barbulescu, the Chief Technology Officer of AudioNow. “Radio Africa’s content will now be available to every mobile phone listener without downloads or the need to access data services. This continues our commitment to expand unique broadcasting content to North American mobile listeners from around the globe.”

Radio Africa, the “mouthpiece” of African’s worldwide, has 24 hour programming that includes music, news and current events.

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