remembering lhasa – i’m going in

The end of 2010 brings all of the usual celebration, along with some sadness and reflection in remembering the many talented people we lost along the way. Singer Lhasa de Sela was among the first of those. She lost her 21-month battle with breast cancer on the evening of January 1st, 2010, at her home in Montreal. I am still deeply moved by the very last line of the obituary that appeared on her website, two days after her death: “It has snowed more than 40 hours in Montreal since Lhasa’s departure.”

As the year closes out I hope you’ll take some time to consider the preciousness of our limited time here and honor those special people – past and present – who are a part of yours in some way. Lhasa is part of my life in the same way she’s part of many people’s lives: because she enabled us to share a connection through her music.

This incredible performance is one that Lhasa gave in Toronto in 2006.

Happy New Year / Bonne Année !


One Response to “remembering lhasa – i’m going in”

  1. pronetoviolins Says:

    She will live indefinitely – she did leave a footprint that nobody can erase. Thank you.

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