r.i.p. blanche moyse

There are a few names you need to know when it comes to people who have had a profound impact on Vermont’s cultural life.

Blanche Moyse is one of those.

She passed away at her home in Brattleboro this past Thursday at age 101, as the last living co-founder of the legendary Marlboro Music Festival. She lived a long life filled with music: Moyse also founded the Brattleboro Music Center, the New England Bach Festival, and the Blanche Moyse Chorale.

She’s remembered as a perfectionist, a community leader, and an artist of supreme vision.

My colleague Walter Parker said it best:  “The gifts that Blanche and the others, the seeds they planted in southeastern Vermont, are still bearing great fruit.”

These are some remembrances of Blanche:

– from Vermont Public Radio

– from the Brattleboro Reformer

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One Response to “r.i.p. blanche moyse”

  1. Fan Says:

    A truly great interpreter of Bach and more; a great conductor. My late father was a huge fan of hers and had great respect for her determination, stamina and artistry.

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