libyan love song

Overheard in the hallway at work today: “Well it really is quite a monumental shift in world politics…”

It’s on everyone’s minds: Libya, divided, after a solid week of protests with an ostensibly liberated East now under opposition control and a ferociously government-held West.

Today Human Rights Watch and 62 other international organizations petitioned the UN to remove Libya from its Human Rights Council even as protesters and Gaddafi supporters clashed in the streets of Tripoli, and government forces fired openly on the crowds. The entire Libyan UN delegation defected today and renounced their association with Gaddafi, saying they would only represent the Libyan people. Gaddafi responded to the developing situation by offering a payment of around $400.00 to every Libyan family to help offset the high cost of food. The US embassy in Tripoli closed shop and all personnel are being evacuated as I write this.

That’s a recap – a very short overview of some recent developments in the last day or so in this complex, volatile political and humanitarian crisis.

On the musical front, here’s an update from Libyan artist Ibn Thabit. His very latest is a “Libyan Love Song”. He posted it on facebook today with the message: “I think this fits the present mood a little more than last week…”

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