bbc caribbean

It happened quietly, but the silence is significant as it marks the end of an era that began over seventy years ago.

Yesterday was the final day of broadcasting for BBC’s Caribbean service.

The service went on the air in 1939 during World War II with “Calling the West Indies”, a program featuring West Indian soldiers reading letters to their families at home. In the years since then the service became a vital resource as the only regional source of information, offering a broad perspective and analysis on topics ranging from politics and poverty to the brilliant music and literature of the islands.

This past January the BBC announced that a 16 percent reduction in governmental funding was going to lead to the closure of many of its foreign broadcast services. Besides the Caribbean, closures are also coming in Serbia, Portugal, Albania, Macedonia, and Africa.

Here’s a nice wrap-up of BBC Caribbean’s final day on the air yesterday.

And check out this slideshow: the BBC Caribbean in pictures.


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