what’s cooking in the lab

The stack on the chair is the proofs for this year's program guide

It’s a busy time at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival office. The program book went to print yesterday (look for it tucked into your May 24th issue of Seven Days) and a million last-month details are being nailed down.

I stopped by to pick up posters for The Radiator. The station is a media sponsor again (third year!) and there’s quite a bit of planning to do if we’re going to air Jazz Lab live again this time around. Lisa Giordano took some time to talk with me and share the Lab details – it’ll be three days (June 8, 9, and 11) of intensive interviews, recording time and inspired musical improv at the Firehouse Gallery newly renamed “BCA Center” on Church Street. (I get the re-branding. But it will always be the Firehouse to me.)

The Lab setup has morphed over the years, from being a free-form showcase of local bands and live DJs on the Marketplace to a more structured arrangement that allows for area bands to apply for a spot to perform and be recorded by a local production company. And then the Radiator broadcasts the whole process each day, with outtakes and impromptu mid-stream strategy discussions and all. It’s raw, it’s exciting, it’s NOW and it’s just the kind of hyper-local happening you expect a community radio station to deliver on the air.

Here’s the Jazz Lab Studios schedule:

Weds. 6/8, 1-6pm: Percussionist Justin Peake with Jonathan Freilich (of the New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars) and local musicians from Viperhouse and Vorcza

Thurs. 6/9, 1-6pm: Snarky Puppy (free-form improv with vocals)

Sat. 6/11, 11am-4pm: Barika, who will be taking their time here to record the last two songs for their new album

* Each day when the Lab is happening, it will be broadcasting live on the Radiator.

You now know more than most everybody else (except Lisa and the other Festival staff) about what’s happening at this year’s Lab. Details will be posted soon on the Fest website. Less than a month to go ’til the whole thing is in full swing!

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