still here, you?

Around an hour and a half ago it occurred to me that, if indeed the rapture was going to be starting at 6pm sharp ET as promised, I had just about enough time to listen to one of two things: Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” approximately three times in a row, or the complete Mahler Symphony #2.

Being a Taurus (ie: not being accustomed to denying myself any kind of Earthly pleasure), I decided since I have two ears I would listen to BOTH.

And I began.

Only when a “Love Supreme” had just ended its first spin a half hour or so later (and around 10 min. into the second movement of the Mahler) did I realize this double act of profound pleasure undoubtedly qualifies as Gluttony.

And I exclaimed… ” !!! ” And then, immediately realizing I had Blasphemed (!), an even worse word popped into my head.

There is no salvation for the true music fan.

This is Coltrane’s fault.

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