adamant black fly festival

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a parade. And a ‘blackfly pie’ contest. And lots four-footed and feathered friends and folks in costume, marching down the street, all following the didgeridoo-blowing parade Grand Master.

Third weekend in May – must be time for a hallowed Vermont spring tradition, the annual Adamant Blackfly Festival! The turnout this year seemed larger than last year’s event, but last year was also over a hundred degrees on the day of the Festival. Adamant is a beautiful little community with landmarks like the esteemed Adamant Music School, scenic Adamant Pond, the granite quarry, and the Co-op that’s right at the town’s center – both physically, and spiritually. Founded in 1935 it’s the state’s oldest Co-op, offering everything from dry goods and cold drinks to fresh deli creations, local art, and all kinds of hand-made crafts.

After the parade, the pie judging contest got underway under the tent with a half a dozen or so entries all decorated with blackfly designs or created in some way with that theme in mind. The strawberry pie on the end got my vote just for its tantalizing, juicy, blood-colored berries. Ironically I didn’t stick around to find out who won the contest…because the black flies were swarming and I couldn’t stay in one place long enough to find out.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time – it’s been an unusually wet spring the kids had plenty of water for splashing around, in the long canal that connects Adamant and Sodom ponds at either end of the town. Aaaaah, springtime.

Oh yes, and along with all of the human participants the pesky little flying guests of honor were plentiful as well, especially after the early afternoon light rainshowers left and the full sunshine returned. I came home with around a couple of dozen bites, mostly on the ankles and neckline.

It just wouldn’t have been a complete experience otherwise.


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