maximum minimalism, redux

This past Friday evening at Brian Johnson’s solo percussion recital in Burlington’s FlynnSpace, fellow Vermont composer Dennis Báthory-Kitsz recorded these videos of the 1982 Snare Drum for Camus by Joseph Celli and Alvin Lucier’s genius solo triangle tour de force, Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra.

If you’re going to watch these I’ll tell you right now they will be best experienced if you wait until you have time to do it uninterrupted, in a quiet place, beginning to end for the full duration of each piece. It’s the only way to really truly “get it”.

In Snare Drum for Camus, watch the videos on either side of the ensemble, and see how they synchronize with the sounds you’re hearing.

For both: be sure to allow yourself the time to really become absorbed in these beautiful, intricately woven clockwork mechanisms of  contemporary minimalist pieces.

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