cultcha, vt style

When people ask me, “what’s your blog about” I say it’s an arts and culture journal. The perspective is rooted in Vermont, where I live, but the content is world-curious and open-mindedly inclusive.

So let’s file this one under “culture” – in more ways than one.

Summer is coming and one thing you should know is that creemees are a BIG DEAL in Vermont ths time of the year. These are the delicious, soft-serve (but not too soft) ice cream delights piled precariously atop perfectly crunchy cones that barely contain all the melty goodness.

They’re readily found at roadside stands that pop up like dandelions when the daily temps top 65 or so and the last of the snow is gone, for sure, even from the sunless recesses between rock outcrops in the forest.

I enjoy creemees very much, with a mental list of where to find the ones with best consistency, flavor, size, accessories, service, price, or other considerations. While it can happen it’s rare to find all of the best qualities in the same experience.

All creemees are not created equal.

That’s why my good friend (and unfailing creemee accomplice) Michelle has an entire blog dedicated to this very specialized area of Vermont ‘cultcha’. We even got matching creemee t-shirts a couple of summers ago just to really geek out on the whole thing. They’re super cute.

So check out her blog idreamofcremee for photos, tips on what to look for in a good creemee experience, and recommendations for the place to go for just the kind of experience you want.

You’ll never be disappointed again. Not that you can ever go too wrong with a creemee.

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