BDJF: waiting for myra

Later this week I’m going to have the experience I’ve been waiting years to have.

Myra Melford, by any standard, is one of the greatest living jazz pianists. She’ll be performing here with the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival this Thursday evening at the Flynn Space. I’ve heard she came to Burlington a few years ago, but it was before I moved to Vermont. And every opportunity I’ve had to go to NY City in recent years to see her play has been thwarted for reason or another.

I would have been perfectly happy if she were coming by herself, or with her very fine Trio M. But it’s the best of all worlds with this week’s concert: Myra Melford will be playing here with her Be Bread Sextet, a top-flight cast of colleagues that includes trumpeter Cuong Vu; Ben Goldberg, clarinets; Brandon Ross, guitar; Stomu Takeishi, bass guitar; and versatile drummer Matt Wilson.

Enjoy a few Myra moments with the videos below. And know that you could, if you choose to, attend the concert this Thursday that everyone will be talking about for a long time after the lights have gone down for the last time on this year’s Jazz Fest.

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