summer global music voyage

mosquito bite (photo by jj harrison)

Summer has never been my favorite season, but it seems to make other folks happy enough and of course I understand it’s necessary for nature’s annual replenishment. So I can go along with it. And, good tunes do help to forget about the heat, stickiness, and infinite bugbites of the season.

This week there’s a new series of concerts opening at Higher Ground. The first show is Thursday and the other three shows will get us through most of the next month. It’s being presented by our good friends at Putumayo World Music, the Music Voyager TV series, and VT’s own Cumbancha recording label.

Peru’s popular afro-groove band Novalima opens the series, with other shows coming from South Africa (Freshlyground on 7/9); San Francisco (Rupa and The April Fishes on 7/13); and Niger’s desert blues guitarist/singer Bombino closes the series on 7/22.

If you can go all four shows (or feel like supporting local music even if you can’t attend all four), they’re even offering a great deal: buy a “passport” for a flat $40 and you can get into all of the shows for a considerable discount over the individual ticket cost.

Yes: I will see you there, dancing in the front row and decidedly NOT thinking about sweating. Ugh, summertime.

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