2011 battery park summer concerts

Must be summer for sure now – the annual Burlington Battery Park concert series is starting tomorrow evening! All concerts start at 6:30 on Thursdays this month.

July 7 – Joshua Panda

A twenty-five year-old singer/songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina.

 batterypark 2011joshua_panda

July 14 – Barika

Barika is deep groove music, inspired by the sounds from the Wassoulou region of Mali – an area whose music is often defined by the familiar tones of the The Kamel N’Goni – a a pentatonic, African harp. The ensemble is drums (Caleb Bronze); bass,(Jp Candelier); keys (Andric Severence) ; kamel n’goni (Craig Myers); trumpet (Dave Purcell); trombone (Gordon Clark); tenor sax (Deva Racusin) and others as possible.

batterypark 2011Barika

July 21 – Scars On 45

Scars on 45 is a quintet from Leeds, England.

batterypark 2011scars-on-45

July 28 – Saints of Valory

Based in Austin Texas, Saints of Valory come with an international passport: front man Gavin Jasper is Brazilian, guitarist Godfrey Thomson is American, on drums Gerard Bouvier is from France, & keyboardist Stephen Buckle hails from Canada.

batterypark 2011Saints_of_Valory


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