ooo (‘out of office’. except there really isn’t one.)

I’m hanging up the ‘Gone Fishin’ sign, but only because I don’t have one that says ‘Gone Readin’, or ‘Swimmin’, or ‘Nappin’. (Sarah Palin seems to be really good at dropping that last ‘g’ from her verbs, maybe I can ask to borrow one of her signs for future use.)

I spent yesterday at the Marlboro Music School and Festival in Southern VT and it was a fantastic experience. I’ll be sharing that later on here when I have a chance to collect my thoughts and pull it all together. The Festival is in its 60th anniversary year this summer and there is a LOT going on down there.

So I’m taking the day off, resting up and giving World of Music a little one-week summer vacation. The show will be back next week (Mondays, 3-5pm ET on The Radiator) with our usual unusual selection of sounds from around the globe.


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