bread & puppet’s man=carrot circus

A circus based on the concept of “Man = Carrot”?

Well it’s the cycle of life, you see. Both are ‘born’, both mature and come into their ‘jobs’ in life. And then both die and return to dirt. Man was created in the image of Carrot. It’s that simple.

Except that in the counter-cultural world of Vermont’s beloved Bread & Puppet theatre, the colorful costumes and witty original songs convey real messages of politics, social commentary, and good-natured civil dissent. It doesn’t take long to see their point that nothing in life is very simple.

Today was the first time visiting the theater that I experienced the outdoor show, usually when I go the program is held inside the Paper Maché Cathedral next to the Museum. Nice to be sitting in on the hillside this afternoon in the partial sunshine, taking in the show on the field below. There were carrots on stilts, dancing bananas, and even an infant race where the contestants were several (very) junior audience members. And so much more. The band sounded great too.

You know the phrase: you had to be there. But since you probably weren’t here are a few stills of today’s subversion.

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