three feet high and rising.

This past May you might recall an article here that was devoted to thoughts and photos from the spring flooding, along Lake Champlain…it was called “how high’s the water, mama?” and turned out to be one of my most popular posts. There are just some things that pictures can express better than words. At the time it seemed like that was a sort of final look at flooding in this area, at least for a while.

That all changed two days ago when Tropical Storm Irene swept up the East Coast, leaving devastating floods in its wake.

Vermont has been the hardest hit of the states touched by Irene. As I write this, Tuesday afternoon Aug. 30th, three people are confirmed dead and a fourth is still missing. Thousands of people are out of power, and thousands more are still displaced. Thirteen Vermont towns are isolated, with all of the roads around them being washed out. Three of the state’s historic covered bridges were also swept away in the deluge, along with untold numbers of homes, businesses, and personal property.

Here are some resources if you can volunteer, or if you need help:

#VTResponse – tag for volunteer information & requests

American Red Cross – VT/NH chapter

The Seven Days ‘blurt’ blog: How to Help

The VT Volunteer Resource blog

Road Conditions in Vermont

Vermont Public Radio’s storm coverage and stories

MSNBC Irene photo blog

It was strange and surreal to wake up yesterday morning to brilliant blue skies dotted by perfect puffs of white clouds – one of the prettiest VT days I can recall. The storm had passed, leaving behind a crystalline day with perfect temps in the 70s – and that was the backdrop, against which the shocking videos, photos, and personal stories from the storm began to emerge.  My own photos from the last couple of days are below.

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