getting settled

Hard to believe two months have passed already since the last time we met here.

A little over 60 days ago I mentioned I was leaving my job in Vermont and taking on a new position in Boston. Since that time I started the new job and moved to Boston (in that order) and I’ve already had a tantalizing taste of the musical life that awaits here.

I think this is going to work out just fine.

The amazing musical experiences began four days into the new job, on October 6th. That was a Thursday. It’s important to know that, because WGBH does not usually do live Boston Symphony Orchestra broadcasts on Thursday nights. It happened that we did that week, though, because Rosh Hashanah occurred on Saturday night the 8th (that’s the usual live broadcast night), and in order to sidestep the holiday the live show was moved up two days to the 6th. Coincidentally that very date was also the 60th anniversary of of the radio station’s first broadcast – which, on October 6th, 1951, had been a live concert broadcast with the BSO.

Happy 60th b-day WGBH!

So, quite by good fortune, four days into my new gig at WGBH, I found myself in the station’s broadcast booth at Symphony Hall with our engineer Jim Donohue, producer Brian Bell, and host Ron Della Chiesa, all celebrating the station’s 60th anniversary in the very same way it first began in 1951. It was an indescribably special experience. Here’s a little video I took that night, going inside the booth:

Since then the station’s Fraser Performance studio has hosted violinists Bella Hristova and Sarah Chang (in individual recitals), the Boston Camerata, cellist Matt Haimovitz & pianist Christopher O’Riley (together), Apollo’s Fire, and harpist Ina Zdorovetchi in the ongoing weekly “Drive Time Live” series. Not a bad run, for two month’s time! And this is just the beginning. I couldn’t be happier to be part of it all.

Thanks for stopping in to share this great adventure as it continues to unfold, in Boston and beyond. I’ll do my part, relating experiences and talking about various aspects of the remarkable art happening in our world. I hope you’ll do the same – leave a comment, tell a story, throw some of your own perspective on culture into the conversation. I’d love to hear from you. And stay tuned, we’re back on track again here after the big move and you can look for regular updates once again. As we like to say here in South B-town,…CHIZ. (It’s kind of like “cheers”, without the “r”s. As you know there ARE no “r”s in B-A-H-S-T-O-N.)

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