brothers quay

Since winter has decided not to come this season I’ve been finding some alternative dark comfort in the shadowy interior spaces of the quirky, unique film anthology of the Brothers Quay. Like the missing season, the palette of their movies operates within a very specific visual range- relying on shadows, shapes, texture, and contours for interest rather than color.

It would be easy to describe the Quay vision in vague terms such as “dreamscape” and “nightmarish” but those are meaningless descriptors. Since no two individuals’ dreams or nightmares are alike, who can say what a definitive one “looks like”?

Instead let’s appreciate the Brothers’ singular, incomparable aesthetic. Their work is meticulous, artful, and – at its best – unsettling.

Here are some great samples. Enjoy.

And please join me in burning some sage and doing a snow dance. It’s time we saw some already. This winter is ridiculous.


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