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by any other name…

August 19, 2009
velvet Kenny Rogers

velvet Kenny Rogers

There’s crap art, and then there’s Crap Art.

This isn’t the usual plain-old misguided, poorly executed artistic vision. It’s a modern movement to encourage spontanaeity and reclaim the creative process from the dampering effects of dismissive surface judgments.

Sounds like a thesis but it’s actually a pretty simple concept.

The audio part of the project, for example,  is “Album-a-Day” with inspired efforts like Spongy: 30 different tracks of accordion music from artist Patrick Shaughnessy. There’s also Ho! by Starfinger, no good for eyeballs by pilesar, and over 380 other remarkably wide-ranging entries. The projects are created in no more than a 24-hour period (total), and the goal is either 20 minutes or 30 songs worth of finished material. No outtakes.

You’ll have some sense of how the creativity plays out in just reading through the project titles, but the experience is best appreciated when you spend some time surveying the audio in these diverse works.

Do listen.

And then you can get into the game yourself. The rules are simple and the results are unexpected.

Get inspired, get it together, and get it all out. That’s the whole story with Crap Art.

Velvet optional.

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