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Tuva and beyond

April 5, 2009


Sunday morning here, watching the melting spring snow fall off the trees in heavy clumps. Listening to new music and getting ready for tomorrow’s World of Music show on the Radiator…we’ll check out ‘Alash’ – the Tuvan throat singers who came to Bennington last weekend. A new recording from World Village takes us on a journey with the Basque group Oreka Tx, they went to Mongolia with traditional Spanish percussion instruments and played with native musicians to amazing effect.2009-apr6-alash2

We’ll get into some vintage Gil Gilberto (circa 1971 when he was channeling Cream, and Traffic) and listen to new releases by Cuba’s Omara Portuondo, Somali hip-hopper K’Naan, and the godfather of Jamaican dub, Lee “Scratch” Perry.

Listen to “World of Music” online (tomorrow, 3-5pm) or at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT.

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