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the world gone white

February 2, 2011

Snow day!

I left over an hour early for work this morning but I didn’t make it far before I realized things weren’t looking good for actually getting there. For the first time since I’ve lived in VT, the town snow plow trucks didn’t come early in the morning. My road hadn’t been touched since the storm arrived. The first truck came at 10:30. That makes it pretty hard to get out, even with an all-wheel vehicle and good tires (which, at this point, after three winters – I really don’t have anymore.)

Since I’m not at work today I’m going to take some time to share with you a bunch of things that have been going on recently: an incredible musical memorial service I attended a couple of weekends ago, a winter festival, a new local nature-based photo exhibit, and some interesting stories that have been in the news lately.

Stay tuned for more updates…



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