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bend chips all day

March 28, 2010

It’s Palm Sunday. For the next week leading up to Easter, choirs all over the world will be resounding with some of the most beautiful music ever written. The music of Holy Week includes Lamentations, hymns, motets, oratorios, Passions, and many poignant settings of the Stabat Mater – the “grieving mother”. It is some of my favorite music of any genre.

With Easter comes springtime. On the secular side of seasonal singing we have Carl Orff’s subversively wonderful collection of pagan songs, Carmina Burana. The text is Latin, and is rife with opportunities for misheard lyrics. Starting with the opening line, O Fortuna – a statement about the unpredictable nature of fate…or perhaps it’s a tribute to a quartet of canned albacore. You decide:

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