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February 14, 2009

It’s Sunday – I love Sundays. It’s usually the day I save for listening to all of the new music I picked up over the last week, and getting a few ideas together for my weekly World of Music show on the Radiator.

I lose whole days this way. Though I know ‘lose’ is the wrong way to say that. Occasionally along the way I’ve had the rare pleasure to meet other kindred spirits who have the patience and interest to spend hours listening – really listening – to music and talking about the finer points of everything from the influence of Indian music on Coltrane when he was writing A Love Supreme, to the uncanny similarities between Tuvan throat singing and Russian Orthodox liturgical music. (Coincidence? Look at a map – you decide.)

So I know you’re out there. And maybe, like me, you’ve been looking for a place to connect with other music heads who can’t get enough. I set up this blog as a place share music playlists, thoughts about new recordings, and music in general. Think of this like the guy you knew in college whose dorm room was packed with albums, CDs, cassettes – and an iTunes library in the thousands…the place where you went to cut an afternoon of classes and get turned on to something cool you’d never have thought to pick up on your own. I knew that guy, and then I have to admit – I became that guy (…gal, but still).

My interests focus most on jazz, classical, and world music. Sometimes blues, sometimes poetry. It’s all related. Surprisingly so.

Time to get busy listening.

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